mercredi 13 juin 2012

Top 5 energy storage technologies

Top 5 energy storage technologies

I am coming back from a hiatus in May. One of the areas that got my attention recently is the emergence of Energy Storage as an area of excellence in the Bay Area. Lawrence Berkeley Lab recently announced of a new accelerator for start-ups in storage technologies and hosted a conference last week on the future of Lithium-Ion technology.

With new Electric Vehicles (EV) coming to market this year -- Telsa shipped its first Model S, not to a Hollywood celebrity but to one VC partner from DFJ -- it has emerged as the most versatile storage technology because of its ability to handle high power and high energy density applications and its good efficiency. Lithium Ion is fairly recent as Sony launched it in the 1990's. It has since spurred different variations.

Lithium Ion batteries for EV's have certainly had its shares of challenge, however. Are new technologies looking at making a splash on the market? Electricity is definitely one tech market to watch out for as it is critical to integrate renewable energies into the grid and meet our daily energy needs. Here is our top-5 picks...

Read full article by Olivier Jerphagnon at The Green Frog from Silicon Valley:

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