jeudi 27 octobre 2011

In Taiwan, taxis booked via NFC

A partnership between Nokia and Taiwan Taxi enables those with NFC-enabled phones to use that technology to book their next ride.

If near field communication (NFC) technology can be used to help commuters pay for their bus journeys in Paris, then why not let taxi patrons in Taiwan use it to book their next ride? That, indeed, is now possible thanks to a partnership between Nokia and Taiwan Taxi.
NFC-enabled posters are being placed in more than 15,000 Taiwan stores, according to a recent post on The Official Nokia Blog, each designed specifically for use by patrons with NFC-enabled phones. To book a cab, users simply hold their phone up to a poster, which enables them to place their booking. Once that’s done, the company sends a text message back to the consumer confirming the booking, which, in turn, gets shown to the driver to verify the fare. Taiwan Mobile is reportedly the operator that helps it all happen.
NFC has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for companies small and large. Time to make use of the technology to streamline processes in your own area?


Source: Springwise

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