samedi 4 mai 2013

Marissa Mayer Is Giving New Parents At Yahoo $500 To Buy Baby Stuff

Earlier this week, we reported that Yahoo is now giving new mothers 16 weeks off, new fathers, 8.
That's not the last of the parenting benefits at Yahooreports the WSJ:
Among some of the other new benefits: New parents will receive $500 to spend on household expenses, such as laundry, house-cleaning, food or childcare, as well as Yahoo-branded baby gear, a spokeswoman says. (Employees with new pets also get freebies, such as dog collars emblazoned with the Yahoo logo.)  The firm also offers an eight-week unpaid sabbatical, for every five years of tenure with the company.And it will continue to provide  $5,000 toward adopting a child.
$500 is nice, of course, but the WSJ says Facebook gives new parents (adopted or otherwise) $4,000.

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