mercredi 13 juillet 2011

The collaborative home: an infographic of web sharing

Ownership is old-school. Using the web to share “stuff” — from cars to tools to clothes — is one of the most exciting trends emerging from the Internet today, and the folks atCollaborative Lab have put together this infographic and startup list to highlight all the innovation that is happening in this area. All hail the collaborative home!
Below are the startups that are included in the infographic:
CompanyWhat They Do
ZilokRent anything online from your friends through this peer-to-peer rental marketplace.
RentcycleTap in to the inventory of rental stores in your area to easily rent anything online.
SnapGoodsBorrow or rent the stuff you want safely and easily.
NeighborGoodsSave money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends.
i-EllaBuy discount designer clothes for less and share your closet.
thredUPSwap children’s clothing and toys with other parents online.
Shared EarthAn online platform connecting landowners with gardeners and farmers.
YardshareConnecting garden lovers with landowners.
FreecycleGive (and get) stuff for free in your town.
FreegleGive away what you don’t want and find what you need — for free.
MurfieSwap or sell your old CDs with other CD collectors.
Swap.comTrade CDs, movies, books and video games on the world’s largest swap market.
AirbnbA peer-to-peer marketplace for unique accommodation spaces around the world.
CrashpadderStay with a local when you travel on this peer-to-peer accommodation marketplace.
SkillshareLearn anything from anyone on this community marketplace for offline classes.
TaskRabbitRun errands for your neighbors, or have someone help you finish the things
you can’t do.
RelayRidesA peer-to-peer car-sharing community.
ParkAtMyHouseRent a parking space, driveway or garage for your car, or rent out your
spare space.
RentoidAustralia’s largest online hire and rental marketplace.
Table courtesy of Start-Up America and the Collaborative Fund
Source: GigaOM

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