mercredi 14 septembre 2011

On cigarette packages, QR codes reveal a nearby place to smoke

Ronhill, a part of Adris Group’s TDR, worked with agency Bruketa&Žinic OM to create what it says is the world’s first interactive cigarette packaging. Specifically, included on the packaging for its Ronhill Unlimited line is a QR code. Smartphone users simply scan that code with their phone’s camera to get to a regional mobile website featuring a map showing not only the user’s current location but also places nearby where smoking is allowed. Users can also update the list of such places themselves.

Also this summer, Bruketa&Žinic OM added a QR code to Ronhill’s seasonal “Sailing” line, linking this time to a site with local information and an up-to-date list of events. Brands large and small: how could a splash of technology make your packaging more useful and interactive?


Source: Springwise

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