lundi 4 mars 2013

Israel innovation apps at MWC 2013 : a selection

  • Mobile Financial Services :
"Mer Telecom offers an advanced Mobile Financial Services (MFS) platform which enables mobile operators, banks and financial institutions to offer a wide range of financial service to both banked and unbanked customers, including full language support and segmented packages.
MFS leverage the personal platform of mobile devices to perform financial transactions such as cash deposit and withdrawal (through ATM, agent or kiosk), money transfer, coupons, mobile payments and account management.
Subscribers can now enjoy MFS with any type of device thanks to the variety of communication methods supported by Mer Telecom:
• Smartphone apps for Android and iOS
• SIM-based application 
• USSD application"

  • Communication :
"Noknok is transforming the mobile industry with its two-pronged solution to eliminating expenses and increasing convenience while fielding calls abroad, as well as offering a real caller ID alternative to consumers. 

For the first time ever people travelling abroad using Noknok, will be able to receive free incoming calls on their original number from all mobiles and land lines. Unbelievable but true, people placing the incoming call do not need to use Noknok app, any other app or even a Smartphone in order to reach their party abroad. 

Noknok has achieved a second breakthrough in the mobile industry featuring the iPhone industries only intuitive caller ID app that allows users to see the incoming callers name and number, before answering the call. With absolutely no privacy violation issues, Noknok will revolutionize the iPhone industry’s caller ID system".

  • Communication : 
"VascoDe has developed the patent pending CMI system, which is the best solution available in the market enabling simple-phone users to enjoy advanced applications, such as Gmail, Facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, visual voice mail, mobile Skype and more.
    • Works on all mobile devices
    • No need to install software on the mobile phone; Client-less implementation
    • The CMI leverages USSD technology"
  • Social :
"Tired of wasting your life circling the blocks looking for parking? 
Say hello to Parko, the first community-based mobile app that finds parking for you. Parko is a revolutionary new app that automatically identifies parking spots that are about to become available & navigates you to one." 

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