dimanche 3 mars 2013

Shazam refreshes to meet tablet growth

Shazam will today announce a new version of its audio recognition app, which includes a new interface for tablet users that was described as “a big investment to completely change the experience of Shazam on a tablet”.

The app features an updated home screen showing the TV shows and music users are tagging at the time, as well as a chart of the most popular content. It also has a map feature enabling users to see what is being tagged “starting at the continent level, then drilling down into the country, city, and even to the town level in some cases”.
The company, which now has more than 300 million users worldwide, has spent the last 12 months expanding its TV companion activities. In the US, the app can now be used to tag “any show, any channel”, while in other markets it has concentrated on supporting specific broadcasts – for example the
Brit Awards in the UK last week. “We have two major lines of business now. While music is still a core part of our DNA and really important to us, TV is a brand new area: it’s a new use case.

Source : GSMA, MWC, 2013

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