dimanche 3 mars 2013

Nielsen Report : “There is no homogenous mobile consumer.”

The report draws on surveys of consumer behaviour in both developed and emerging market
economies. There are some striking differences.

In South Korea and China, more than 40 per cent of smartphone owners have used their device for
mobile shopping. In Turkey it is only 3 per cent. The appetite for video can markedly differ, too. In
China, around a fifth of smartphone owners watch video three times a day. 
In the US, only 2 per cent do the same. The statistic is all the more remarkable given that 4G has yet to arrive in China.

The criteria for buying a mobile device vary, too. Value for money matters most in Italy, but ‘stylish design’ is the main consideration in Russia. Chinese consumers are more concerned about having a wide choice of applications than those in other countries.
Attitudes to mobile advertising are similarly diverse. According to Gosen, around half of mobile users
in Brazil, China, India and Russia are OK to receive advertising, so long as they receive free content in
exchange. In South Korea and Turkey, little more than a third is comfortable with that. “

Source : GSMA, MWC, 2013

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