mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Efficacité énergétique par OPOWER en lien avec le comptage "intelligent"

The OPOWER advanced customer engagement platform is the industry's leading Smart Grid front-end. It is the only platform available in the marketplace today that can achieve:

1. Broad Customer Engagement — up to 85% of people exposed to the platform take action

2. Large-Scale Energy Savings our track record of clearly measured energy savings is well documented.

OPOWER 3.0 Platform

OPOWER's unique combination of an all-channel communication approach, highly targeted messaging, energy usage analytics and applied behavioral science is a solution that has proven successful in engaging over a million people across the country today. With OPOWER 3.0, the platform fully embraces AMI data and is designed to deliver highly visible and quantifiable value of the Smart Grid directly to utility customers.

Elements of Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE):

  • Proactive Engagement Pushing data to a majority of customers is critical to having an impact. Our platform includes paper reports, emails, and alerts.
  • All-Channel Communication — Our approach reaches all customer segments--irrespective of income or access to technology--by taking advantage of ALL available communication channels

  • Targeted Messaging If it's not relevant, customers will not pay attention. Our industry-leading content targeting engine ensures each customer sees only what's most relevant for her or him

  • Usage Analytics Analysis and insights are more actionable, more interesting, and more motivating than raw data. The more data we have from a smart meter, the more specific our recommendations become
  • Applied Behavioral Science Energy data on its own is not sufficiently engaging to produce significant results. The OPOWER platform takes energy data and transforms it into something more interesting by using normative comparisons across all dimensions, not just overall usage.

The Insight Engine

Behind our multifaceted customer engagement approach is a single software platform. The Insight Engine is an advanced analytical engine that uses patent-pending statistical algorithms to extract the most possible actionable insights from all available data. This includes not only the billing data provided by our utility partners, but also customer demographics, weather, and other relevant data from half a dozen different data sources, including local governments and third parties.

OPOWER Insight Engine

The Insight Engine is programmed to perform three types of analysis:

  • Usage Disaggregation — discover patterns in energy usage that trigger Aha! moments. Providing this type of insight drive customers to take action
  • Tip Targeting and Customer Segmentation — select the most relevant information for each particular household, which ensures maximum relevancy and high response rate to our recommendations
  • Integrated Normative Messaging — the Insight Engine uses the latest in behavioral science research to tailor messages that not only inform, but also motivate households to act

The importance of our Insight Engine cannot be overstated – it provides the customer intelligence embedded in all our products, and is the difference between mere data presentment and highly motivating customer engagement.

To learn more about customer-facing products powered by our Insight Engine, please see:

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