samedi 6 mars 2010

This week's Google acquisition: Doccerse

Google plucked another start-up from the Bay Area Friday, this time adding DocVerse to its Google Apps team.

The deal--which The Wall Street Journal reported was valued at $25 million--will allow Google to start blending DocVerse's Microsoft Office plug-in software into Google Apps, DocVerse and Google said in blog postings on their respective sites. DocVerse's software and service is designed to let Office users who still need a lot of the power and features of the desktop version of that software share documents and track changes with colleagues online.

The move had been expected for a while, but a Google representative said it was too soon to know how quickly DocVerse's products would get integrated into the Google Apps software. Building out the Google Apps experience is a big priority for Google this year, as it attempts to get more and more people comfortable with Internet-delivered software while antagonizing rival Microsoft.

DocVerse--founded by two Microsoft
Source: CNET, 5/3/10

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