vendredi 25 décembre 2009

Copenhagen’s new Bike Sharing System!


Copenhagen is about to get a new Bike Sharing system (finally), and of course the ambitions where high for the new system that will brand the world’s leading bicycle city. Therefore they set out an international competition to get the most modern and intelligent system. And it looks like they’ve got it. Yesterday the winners were announced, and here are the two first prices. I must admit OPENbike looks most appealing in my eyes, but as long as they’re more comfortable than the existing ones, we should be happy….


OPENbike (Jury’s report)
The jury hereby awards OPENbike a First Prize for its superior ambition to be a floating bike share system wherein the bicycle is virtually a system unto itself and the technology is integrated in the bicycle. OPENbike opens up for an exciting perspective relative to how a modern bike share system can allow itself to be swallowed up by the city’s spaces and become an integral part of everyday mobility in a larger city.


MYLOOP (Jury’s report)
The Myloop entry distinguishes itself with a brilliant balance between design, user-friendliness and interaction with the urban landscape. The bicycle itself possesses a strong and iconic identity which manages to signal a rare combination of futurism and accessibility. Myloop uses a docking station that provides electricity to the bicycle’s energy demanding functionality and secures the bicycle when not in use.

The implementation of the system is estimated finished in 2013.

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