dimanche 20 décembre 2009

TeliaSonera launches 4G network in Norway and Sweden

Adding to recent developments in the world of wireless connectivity, Swedish telecommunications company TeliaSonera has launched the world’s first commercially available 4G mobile broadband network. While an international roll out of up to twenty five countries is planned in the next year, the network will initially be made available in the central parts of Stockholm and Oslo, and is designed to provide speeds up to ten times faster than those of the existing 3G networks.

Based on the much talked about LTE or Long Term Evolution Technology, the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards aims to give users a seamless service across several different networks and systems. The company states that with speeds of up to 100Mbit/s, 4G will “open up new possibilities for customers to use and enjoy services on their laptops requiring high transmission, speed and capacity” such as video streaming and conferencing.

Swedish telecommunications company TeliaSonera has launched its 4G network in Sweden and N...

Swedish telecommunications company TeliaSonera has launched its 4G network in Sweden and Norway, incorporating USB modems developed by Samsung

TeliaSonera enlisted Ericsson and Chinese company Huawei to build the networks in Stockholm and Oslo respectively, with Finland expected to be next in line. Although 4G mobile handsets are not likely to be available until late 2010 at the earliest, Samsung has developed a USB modem to enable users in the Scandinavian cities to access the LTE network.

With demands on data bandwidth having increased dramatically in recent years due to mobile devices being used ever more frequently for emailing and viewing web based content, for many, the advent of the 4G network is a welcome one.

Source : GigaOM, 18/12/09

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