lundi 14 décembre 2009

Infosys launches mobile application platform, Flypp

Bangalore: Infosys Technologies has announced the launch of an application platform which will empower mobile service providers to provide consumers with ready-to-use experiential applications across the universe of devices.

Worldwide, the mobile applications market is rapidly evolving and emerging markets including India are a hot bed of opportunity and innovation. The emerging digital consumer is driven by convenience, choice and instant gratification.

According to Subhash Dhar, Member Executive Council and Group Head, Sales and Marketing at Infosys, "Smart applications are now making it possible to deliver a personalized and interactive user experience. Mobile service providers are seeing a steady shift in value from providing connectivity to monetizing digital demand. Flypp from Infosys enables this capability for mobile operators through a plug and play model. This is part of our continued thrust to provide platforms and products to help our clients rapidly capitalize on evolving business opportunities."

Flypp from Infosys is a "Ready to Launch" Application platform for mobile operators. This "operator centric" platform enables mobile operators to offer a bouquet of applications, including third party ones to its subscribers with a rich and engaging customer experience. The platform can be easily integrated into operator's current technology environment and can also plug-and-play with their existing on-deck applications.

Flypp also provides independent software vendors (ISVs) a viable and attractive channel to showcase and monetize their proprietary applications across multiple geographies and service providers. The platform also includes an Application Toolbox to test and certify the satisfactory operation of applications on service provider environments.

Source : Silicon India, 14/12/09

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