jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Fortune 100 Companies Jump on Social-Media Bandwagon

Big companies are still leery about corporate blogs, but they're fiends for Twitter.
Corporations are gradually getting wise to the powers of social media. But not all forms of social media are equally favored, as shown by this graphic by Tiffany Farrant for iStrategy:

Why do companies love Twitter and videos so much, while holding longer forms of communication at a distance? I'd argue that it's easy to control a message in 140 characters or a Facebook page, rather than in a blog post which could be easily pilloried in endless quotations, and misappropriated by re-blogging. In other words, Twitter's succinct way of communicating allows you to hide as much as you reveal, while still offering the possibility of immediate pick-up and media attention--and that's what makes it such a great PR tool.

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