mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Crowdsourced feedback offered to young startups

We recently featured Austrian, a consultancy that aims to provide quick and professional analysis of new business ideas. Taking a crowdsourced approach to the same problem of finding truly useful, objective advice, StartUpLift allows young businesses to reward members for their feedback.
Companies looking for feedback begin by listing their details on the Washington, DC based site. They then highlight particular areas for comment and can assign specific tasks for completion. The option is also available to offer cash to users in return for their contributions, in which case the top submissions are selected as awardees. Once all awards have been distributed, each startup remains permanently on the site, allowing the accumulation of ongoing feedback.
The advice generated by the StartUpLift community will be served up in the public eye, and it remains to be seen whether it can generate genuine value to new businesses hungry for astute analysis. However, with the right community in place, this could be a model to emulate...


Source: Springwise 

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