mardi 1 septembre 2009

Cadbury wins with Facebook

Chocolate fans who successfully campaigned for the return of Wispa last year have scored another sweet victory with its sister bar, Wispa Gold.


Over 40 million original Wispa bars sold out in 18 weeks after their release last year

Devoted eaters have persuaded chocolate giants Cadbury to bring back the range after another online petition on Facebook.

The bar went back into production on Thursday morning after 22,000 people had joined the group "Bring back Cadbury's Wispa Gold" on the social networking site.

Online users all agreed it was careless of Wispa to ever discontinue the Gold brand back in 2003, after only eight years on sale.

To celebrate, Cadbury invited three of the internet campaigners to push the button to launch production at the firm's factory in Bournville, Birmingham.

Up to 40 million of the bubbly bars will be released on September 14 for a "limited period".

The original Wispa bar made a permanent return last year after 41 million bars sold out in 18 weeks - a rate of nearly four per second.


Facebook group petition won again

The Facebook group creators, Tony Halson and Ollie Emery and group administrator Cara Stripp, all dressed in special Wispa Gold clothing to attend the site.

Ms Stripp, who works for an engineering company, said: "To push the button on the production line of Wispa Gold was amazing.

"I can't believe the bar is coming back, I've been dreaming about this moment for years."

Warren Smith, Bournville's Manufacturing Manager, said bringing back the bar was "the right thing to do".

He added: "As a huge fan of Wispa Gold myself, I have a vested interest in re-launching the old favourite.

"It's amazing to see how many people love Wispa Gold and I feel very privileged to be involved."

Source: Sky News

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