lundi 18 janvier 2010

Intel Unveils Home Energy Management Proof of Concept

Intel recently unveiled its futuristic-looking Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept, which sports a relatively technology-forward 11.5” capacitive OLED touch screen, Z530 Atom processor, motion sensor, video camera, stereo audio, WiFi, and most importantly, Zigbee integration. The device allows you to integrate thermometer functions, energy management tools, home security monitoring, and other functions such as home network management, task reminders, and video memos.


The device represents Intel’s most recent foray into the Smart Grid sector. It is one of the most impressive human-Smart Grid interfaces to date, both in terms of software and hardware. It is also the first major device to integrate Smart Grid functionality with “premium” electronics hardware such as a capacitive OLED screen, normally not seen in run-of-the-mill consumer electronics. It could potentially target the high-end home energy management market, for those with multiple electronic systems in their home. While it is far from production-ready, it raises the bar for future home energy management portals.

Source : Smartgrid News, 18/01/10 from
Intel's Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept

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